Tired Author is Tired

After the GOGOGOGOGOGO day of bar-construction and family relationship maintenance (father’s 60th birthday) of yesterday, I’m beat today and have been feeling run down all day.

Got up early (well, nine thirty being early when I could’ve probably slept later) and did some of the reading for my writer’s group meeting before heading up to Berkley for my writing group meeting and lunch with the Awesome Editor (Editrix?) at the Triple Rock Brewery. I bought her lunch in thanks for the quick work she made on “Sense” and we chatted about impending children (hers and mine) before heading down the street to meet up with the others for our writing group.

The writing group continues to be a positive investment of time and is probably one of the best pieces of advice I’ve taken so far (thanks, love). I’m pretty much the closest thing to a professional writer in the group, having actually been paid for some of my fiction, but it’s awesome to see people growing.

Now I’m at home. Michelle is up resting (yesterday wore her out and she’s been kind of recovering today too). I’ve sent my author picture and author interview/questionnaire to Dagan Books for the book.

Speaking of which, the website for the anthology is at Cthulhurotica.com and they’re on twitter at @cthulhrotica and @daganbooks if you’re interested in such things.

Upcoming bits are that I have to finish edits on an assassin themed, S&S submission and continuing to work on my vigilante story for Wily Writers next month. After that it’s planning for a big historical Cthulhu Mythos submission for an anthology, working on Burning Wick, and seeing whatever else comes my way.

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