Two Cthulhurotica updates

I just got this totally awesome letter from the editor over at Dagan Books:

“Hello Writers,

Due to some confusion about what does and does not constitute a qualifying story for the Horror Writers Association, I’ve decided to change our payment structure to give everyone the opportunity to join the group. Without the work of all of you, I wouldn’t have the first book for my new company, and I’m grateful for that. The how and why of joining the HWA can be found here:

We are still paying 1 cent per word, but we’re instituting a minimum of $25, so those of you whose stories came in at under 2500 words will now qualify for HWA membership. The maximum is now $35, to take into account that some of you had larger word counts, and because I want to make sure that everyone benefits from the new payment structure.”

That? That right there? That’s awesome!

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