2011 so far

Well, 2011 is off to a decent start at least although I’m not hitting my word count goals, mostly because I think I forgot what the minimums I’d set for myself were (d’oh!).

Over the course of last week I cranked out 10,350 words approximately, rounded up and down to make my life a little easier, averaging out to 1,479 a day. Most nights I did over a thousand words or I did a thousand words and then worked in other ways on stories (formatting and submitting, drafting up notes for later parts of my novel, etc); only one night I did less than 1k. This was spread between a short I’m working on for an anthology submission and the first draft of my rewrite of a novel project. Or would that be the second draft of the first version? Regardless, even if I didn’t hit my goal for my daily minimum word counts each day, doing 10% of last year’s total words in the first week of 2011 is still a vast improvement over 2010’s productivity. It should be noted that the almost ten and a half thousand words doesn’t include a few blog articles I wrote nor comments in various forums which I do consider writing.

Looking back over this past week it definitely didn’t feel like a struggle to have done that much. Most of the writing I did was between 11PM-2AM, sometimes a little earlier, only one night that was later. I’ve found it takes me a good half hour or so to really get my mind into writing and then I can crank out 500-750 words in half an hour or so. The biggest issues I had with writing was starting so late (I’m getting between four and a half to six hours of sleep a night and that needs to change), distractions (I’m on a few international forums and so posts happen any time and then there’s Facebook), and, my ever present demon on my back, video games. If I were able to start a little earlier I’d be able to start my warm-up process sooner and get into the writing. As for the video games, well, I just need to get better about telling myself that, no, I really don’t need to take a break from writing and it certainly doesn’t need to be a break to go play a 1v1 match on Starcraft II. If I can continue to work on parring down the video game playing, and maybe start a little earlier, I may be able to get even more done.

Well, until the kid is born at any rate. When that happens I expect there to be some “adjusting”. My wife is currently considering my late nights to possibly be a good thing in that since I’m already staying up to all hours of the night it shouldn’t be too much to transition to when the baby is here.

Also I’ve sent off two short stories to see how they do and came to the annoying realization that I’m missing several pieces of finished work that I somehow didn’t transfer from my laptop or my old desktop when I got my new machine. Thankfully I think I’ve found all of the missing pieces since but now I need to go and back up everything again; I’ve had a few catastrophic system failures in my life and I’d rather not lose all of my work again.

Over the course of this next year I’m going to use this space to catalog my weekly progress with my writing projects, which will take place on Mondays, and I’ll probably post one or two other writing related posts here throughout the week.

I want 2011 to be the year I write more and get the discipline to do so. Now to go out there and get it.

Total Words for 2011: 10,350
BW: 26,662
OS: 8,330 (Complete)

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3 Responses to 2011 so far

  1. Kate says:

    Congratulations, Matt. Establishing the writing discipline is one of the hardest things to do – for me, anyway. I applaud you.

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  3. mattmarovich says:

    Thanks, Kate, that means a lot that you’d say that. I’d like to do you and Kage proud.

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