2011 Week 2 Post-mortem

Week 2 was the week where the Sandman decided he’d had enough of my sass and came around and stomped me. I lost Monday, Tuesday and Friday to sleep. Usually I can stay up until about 1 at least, often 2, but Monday and Tuesday I was just so thoroughly beat that I crawled into bed around the same time my wife did and passed out. Friday night was my company’s holiday/year-end party and the small amount of alcohol I had made me incredibly tired to the point where I couldn’t even read a few pages in The Name of the Wind (a read I’m very much enjoying thanks to the recommendation of my friend N).

What writing I did this week was a smattering of blog posts mixed in with fiction. Sunday was by far my most productive fiction day as I finished my short story “One Shot”. I’m not that happy with it, I think I feel like I really missed the mark on it which is frustrating. I think the beginning just got away from me and the story just grew too long which means I get to rewrite the bloody thing if I’m going to submit it. I’m not happy about that but, eh, more writing is good. I’m going to put it down until Wednesday at least.

BW grew 2200 words, not nearly enough. I’ve been having some issues with the section I’m currently working on, the dialog is just going slowly. I’m almost done with it which is fantastic because it means I can move on to a section I have no idea of how I’m going to write. Yay… I think I’m moving into the doldrums portion of the writing process on this story which means I need to just keep soldiering on.

I’ve started a new short story, “Round and Round”, and I cranked out eleven hundred words on that last night. I’m hoping to have it done by Wednesday.

I also had several blog posts, a few here and one over at my other blog Morning Crazy, a site where I find news stories I find ridiculous, outrageous, or mildly upsetting in a face-palming sort of fashion and write them up. Morning Crazy is a catch-if-catch-can in that it’s not every day I can find news stories to write about (either too busy to look or my usual sources are sadly lacking) but I try to keep it up as I can.

All in all I did about eighty-four hundred words for about 1200 words a day, only 5900 of which were fiction, which I’m not happy about. The totals would be better if I had not lost three nights and I’m trying to console myself with that but it still feels like I slacked off something fierce (regardless of whether or not I needed the sleep).

Still, I look at that total word count and I can’t be too upset. 1/5 of the amount of words of last year in two weeks and almost continuing (with ease) the pace needed for NaNoWriMo? That I can be happy about.

Total Words for 2011: 18750
BW: 28,884
OS: 8,330 (Complete)
R&R: 2,130
P/E: 700

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