2011 Week 3 Post-mortem

Week three went better than Week 2 in multiple ways and I received some meh news. Let’s start with the meh and get that out of the way.

1666 and Sacrament both were rejected. Sacrament continues to be the little zombie story that nearly could, garnering another “It’s good, it kept me reading until the end, but didn’t have the emotional impact that I wanted.” Unfortunately, the editor while providing at least that much feedback (which is awesome) didn’t say what that emotional impact would be so I’m left scratching my head. I’m considering asking if a few friends would be willing to take a look at it and see if they have any suggestions because I think I’m too close to the story and can’t see the changes that need to be made. I’m going to continue to shop 1666 and see if I can find a home for it but I have a feeling I’ll need to trunk it and come back to it later, maybe just go for it and expand it out to a novella; it certainly has the room to grow plot-wise.

The good news is that Week 3 went better than Week 2 in regards to fiction.

Total words written this week was approximately 9550, eleven hundred more than last week. Additionally, last week’s word count was comprised almost half of blog posts; this week only about a quarter of the word count was blog posts which means that more fiction was written. I had three days last week where my total word count for the day was at or above two thousand. Difficulties this week were the two missed nights, obviously, and I spent one of my writing hours doing some revising on “Round and Round” so that obviously impacted things but, if I’d been able to write those nights, I’m confidant I would’ve been almost at fourteen or fifteen thousand words this week.

I’ve put one short story on hold temporarily and picked up another one. That one should be done in a few days.

Total Words for 2011 as of today: 28,300
BW: 33,400
OS v1: 8,330 (Complete)
R&R: 4,350
P/E: 700
N/N: 1,850

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