2011 Week 4 Post-mortem


Ok, so, where do I begin?

Total word count for this week, between fiction and blog posts here and at MorningCrazy.com, totalled fifteen thousand, five hundred (rounding up and down respectively) for a total of 2214 words a day on average. The total is technically a little higher as I’ll explain below. This past week I managed to write at least once a day although Monday I opted to sleep rather than do any fiction later that night and only managed a four hundred-word blog post for my daily writing. Still, this is the first week in the new year where I’ve gone beyond the 2000 word a day goal I set for myself, although it was not done with 1500 a day on the novel and 500 on shorts.

Blog posts consisted of ~2750, less than a fifth of the total words I did this week (WOOT!).

Fiction was an even spread between “Round and Round”, “Nature/Nurture” and Burning Wick and I’m pleased do say that I can label both “R&R and “N/N” as done! Both of these were just pure inspiration stories not meant for any particular market so I’ll need to start sending them out to markets once I have them tidied up. The other big thing is that BW crossed the 40k mark and a little bit past it as of half an hour ago, which isn’t bad. There were several days this week where I didn’t work on the novel at all which isn’t good; I’m going to need to really step up the work on it if I’m going to have it completed by the time Connor is born like I promised (although I don’t think it should be held against me if he comes early and I’m not quite finished yet). On the nights I didn’t work on BW I worked instead on the other two shorts in order to wrap them up.

BW is coming along although there have been some parts that have given me a little bit of difficulty. A plot line has kind of started to grow from one of the new scenes I introduced to this rewrite and while I know how it’s going to get wrapped up, and what a little bit of delicious revenge that will be, I’m not certain what I’m going to do with the middle of it. I introduced a character that my writing group really reacted well to and I need to find a good way to get that character involved with the plot.

The two shorts wrapped up nicely and Michelle said she likes them and no, she doesn’t just need to say that because she’s my wife; one thing I appreciate about her in this endeavor is that if a story doesn’t do anything for her, she tells me. I don’t need to worry about false praise clouding my perception of my writing when it comes to her opinion. So, the fact that she likes them is a nice bit of encouragement and she’s given me some good direction to make some changes to improve and strengthen the two stories.

I’ve also tried to start another short story “Son of All Monsters” and it’s causing me fits. Absolute fits. Why? Because I have a great story idea, a wonderful seed, and I just can’t get the bloody thing started. I have an idea of how it ends, how the final confrontation happens between the main character and the monster, but the beginning just won’t come! Currently I have a thousand words of dubious quality sitting in an open file which replaced the thousand words of crap I deleted. So, I actually wrote more words this week than what I listed above but I can’t really count them due to the fact they no longer exist.

So, goals for this week:
1. 1500 a day on Burning Wick, either by writing that much a day or on average.
2. Edit one of my completed shorts a night.
3. Find people to read the shorts in order to judge which one I should send along with “Sacrament” to Clarion.
4. Begin compiling feedback from people who have been reading “Sacrament” for the eventual massive edits/rewrites I need to do on that.
5. Hopefully start “Son of All Monsters”.
6. Send out the sailor story.

Total Words for 2011 as of today: 43,800
BW: 40,860
OS v1: 8,330 (Complete)
R&R: 6,260 (Complete)
N/N: 4,150 (Complete)
P/E: 700

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