Week 6 and 7 Postmortems (yeah, late, I suck)

So, yeah, things have been fairly busy these last two and a half weeks since my last postmortem update and I haven’t really had a chance to update.

Week 6 and 7 continued the pace of Week 5 but, for some reason, felt better, perhaps because I decided to merely modify my caffeine intake rather than cut it out (and thus reduced the similarities between myself and a shambling horror from a George Romero flick).

Week 6, I’m pleased to say, I wrote every day, which is a noteworthy accomplishment because the Friday of that week sucked and sucked hard. Total word count for the week was approximately 11,050 with only ~950 of that coming from blog posts, for 1,529 words on average a day. The majority of those words went to Burning Wick although about 3,000 words went to “Wage Slave” (which, in hindsight, I’m annoyed about). Thus far I’m happy with the progress on the novel and, looking to the future, I should be right on target to hit 100k before Connor is born, provided I write at least 1,200 words a night. Considering that week five (and week six and seven) I’ve managed to easily hit that goal on BW a night I should be ok.

Week 7 I didn’t write every day and I also had a lot lower output, only 9,200 words for an average of 1,314 words a night. With the exception of Wednesday and Friday, where I only wrote two hundred words and none respectively, I did 1300 or more in BW every night and, on a few nights, some work on additional stories.

The reason I’m annoyed about “Wage Slave” is that the time I spent on it was, in the end, wasted; it’s gone back in the trunk. I think I’m going to have to start over completely on it after giving it some more thought; the current idea just isn’t working in its present state although I do think the idea is a good one over-all. However, I think I successfully scrapped the crap version of “Son of All Monsters” and have started a better one. I need to finish the first draft SoAM this week by Friday so I can start on “Remora”, a space opera short for an anthology, and I need to do the edits/rewrites on “One Shot” so I can send those off to the editor. After that it’s “Temple of the Drowned God” (Cthulhu-themed S&S), “Ten Crows for the Devil’s Own Self” (devil-themed short for HELLOLOGY), some flash fiction, and potentially starting on the notes for a historical paranormal-horror novel.

Of course, Connor is due in four weeks and who knows how many pacifier-shaped wrenches that will throw into these plans. We’ll just have to see.

Approximate Total First Draft Words for 2011: 75,450
BW: 63,266
OS v1: 8,330 (Complete)
R&R: 6,260 (Complete, first round of edits done, 5,896)
N/N: 4,150 (Complete, first round of edits done, 4,203)
P/E: 700
SoAMv1: 1,139 (crap, it’s all crap)
SOAMv2: 4,601
WS: 6,926 (trunked)

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