Week 8 postmortem

Week 8 was a lower word count than previous weeks, only ~10k for an average of 1,428 a day (although I only wrote six of seven days). All but five hundred of those words were fiction split with slightly more of the balance going to Burning Wick than to “Son of All Monsters”. The week started strong and ended mostly strong but I still need to get better about raising my daily word count. Last night I did twenty-four hundred words in two and a half hours and that was with taking some breaks once I got started writing so it is possible for me to move faster; I just have to do it. A few nights this past week I did some writing-related work such as editing “One Shot” (I went a-viking through that script, cutting a ton of extraneous crap out of it), edited SoAM (I know, I know, I shouldn’t edit stuff until it’s done but I felt I needed to), and I spent all of Saturday night reading the submissions for my monthly writing group and doing the critiques for them because I forgot to do it until the last moment (oops). So, the word count could’ve been higher if I hadn’t spent the time on these three lines of work

Work progresses on the novel and my current short story. Tonight Burning Wick will, if I do slightly more than fifteen hundred words, pass the 70k mark. The plot is about two thirds done once I finish the section I’m on and we’re going to begin the rapid run to the end. Michelle has read up to about 60k worth of words and still likes it so I’ll take that as a win. SoAM should be concluded tonight which will mean that I can tick off my “one short story a month completed” goal.

This week, as I said above, is going better already and I just need to continue at that pace. If I can, I should be able to knock out a fair amount of work over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, there’s a few anthologies I want to submit to in April and so getting stories done now, pre-Connor, would be best.

Approximate Total First Draft Words for 2011: 85,450
BW: 68,329
OS v1: 8,330 (Complete)
R&R: 6,260 (Complete, first round of edits done, 5,896)
N/N: 4,150 (Complete, first round of edits done, 4,203)
P/E: 700
SoAMv1: 1,139 (crap, it’s all crap)
SOAMv2: 6,044
WS: 6,926 (trunked)

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