Week 9 Postmortem

Oh, Week 9, I had such hopes for you. You started strong with two, 2k+ word count days, I really thought you were going to be awesome but Tuesday your word count was down and Wednesday it was stumbling to fall flat on its face Thursday and Friday. Saturday you picked yourself back up and tried to stagger for the finish line but I fear that you won’t be coming close to winning the title of “most productive week” for the year.

Week 9 was a 9800 word count week, not the lowest word count week so far but definitely down there. All but fifteen hundred words of that were fiction and I did 1400 words a day this week. I pretty much collapsed Thursday and Friday from fatigue, crashing out fairly early for me both nights.

I did manage to accomplish a few milestones though. Burning Wick has passed the 70k mark, “Son of All Monsters” is nearly complete and “One Shot” is almost finished with the rewrites (which is good since it’s due in basically a week). I also started a space opera entitled “Toll Booth Toll” that should be fun. Other than that, just trying to get work done. Need to take another look at “Nature/Nurture” and “Round & Round” to make sure their edited and tight and start sending those out.

Approximate Total First Draft Words for 2011: 95,250
BW: 76,432
OS v1: 8,330 (Complete)
R&R: 6,260 (Complete, first round of edits done, 5,896)
N/N: 4,150 (Complete, first round of edits done, 4,203)
P/E: 700
SoAMv1: 1,139 (crap, it’s all crap)
SOAMv2: 7,355 (Complete)
TBT: 600

WS: 6,926 (trunked)

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