Week 10 Postmortem: The Week that Sickness Ate

I don’t hate many things but I do hate being sick. But you know what I hate more than being sick? Being sort-of sick, the kind of sick where you sound and look like hell, you feel run-down, but you’re still able to do stuff. Maybe your body aches, your nose is runny and you’ve got chest congestion like you’re summoning shoggoths from the depths of the earth every time you cough something up but you can sort of function? I hate that kind of sick. I’m 90% better now, I have an occasional cough I can’t shake and I don’t have a ton of energy (Monday night, for instance, I crashed out four hours earlier than I normally do and didn’t complete any writing that day).

Between game on Tuesday night (the last meeting of my tabletop gaming group before Connor is born) and being a zombie Thursday and Friday since my wife handed me her cold, I was only able to get done approximately 9,570 words. Which isn’t too bad I guess when you consider that the week before, not sick, I did only three hundred more words with one more night to write in.

Which isn’t to say that, even while sick, I wasn’t productive; I just didn’t get any writing done Thursday and Friday. Having a cold, apparently, sucks all the creative juice out of me but I did, however, do the edits on “One Shot”, finished polishing it up, sent it off, and the editor has received it. Now to wait to hear back on its fate; please wish me luck.

What helped the word count was that on Sunday and Saturday of last week I had two days of 3k or over worth of writing. I think for the rest of March and April I’m going to try and hit that one goal I set for myself of doing at least 2k worth of writing a day. So far this week, for the nights I’ve been able to sit at my desk, I’ve hit that goal but we’ll see where we’re at on Saturday.

Project-wise this week is stepping up the focus on Burning Wick. BW crossed over the 80k mark last night and I’m feeling really good about the story; the character interactions continue to be my favorite parts. I already know I’m going to need to go back through the story and add a lot more descriptions of the scenery but I’m fine with where we’re at. Other than BW I’m working on “Toll Booth”, the space opera. It’s sitting at just a touch over 3k and coming along well. I’m enjoying writing the main character and he’s driving the story along. I think it’ll wrap up somewhere around 7-8k when all is said and done and I’m looking to have it finished by this Saturday so I can do edits.

Which would be a good thing because I have a pirates and swashbucklers story to write, then a fantasy story…then a story about the devil…then a sword and sorcery short fic…then another novel to start researching…

Approximate Total First Draft Words for 2011: 104,820
BW: 81,348
OS v1: 8,330 (Complete, edited and submitted, 7,894)
R&R: 6,260 (Complete, first round of edits done, 5,896)
N/N: 4,150 (Complete, first round of edits done, 4,203)
P/E: 700
SoAMv1: 1,139 (crap, it’s all crap)
SOAMv2: 7,355 (Complete)
TB: 3,125

WS: 6,926 (trunked)

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