And May is gone and June is here

Hello again!

Life has been…in a word…nuts.

Aside from being the proud father of a ten week-old kid, I’m a very tired proud father of a ten week-old kid. Connor is great, healthy, growing, developing wonderfully, and, unfortunately, possesses a changing schedule and routine. For two months he would go to sleep around eight or nine at night, sleep until sometime between midnight and one-thirty, and then go back to sleep. Now he’s up at eleven and stays awake until about 1:30, the period of time that used to be the span I did my writing in. This change in schedule, of course, coincides with when I’m trying to get back into my writing habit. So, this recent change in schedule has taken some getting used to and adjusting on my part.

Additionally, things with Das Employa are also a bit unhinged at the moment. After next Friday I will be taking six weeks off of work for state paid family leave; California has a very neat program where they either give both parents six weeks of protected time off from their job to spend with a new kid or one parent twelve weeks, paid at state short-term disability rates. This is awesome and something I’m looking forward to a lot, especially as three of those six weeks will overlap with Michelle’s and we get to spend that time together, but it makes for insanity at work.

For one, our site is going through a major restructuring and, of course, this means lay-offs. As I am one of two HR people in the department now (one of the four of us took a job in a different department and the second of the four of us is impacted by the lay-off), I’ve been doing most of the administrative work with the lay-off while my manager handles the employee relations/executive level conversations about the lay-off that need to happen. When you consider that I’m doing this, on my own, and trying to make sure that all the paperwork for nearly one hundred impacted employees is done correctly you can start to see why I’m a little stressed; it’s bad enough that these people are losing their jobs, but to have me screw up their paperwork and negatively impact them even further? Yeah, something I want to avoid at all costs.

Aside from the lay-off, I’ve also been doing my own job, which is busy enough at times, having to write how-to’s for the temp we’re bringing in to help while I’m out, and do several special projects that have come up as well. Add in scheduling interviews for open positions, training the temp, several high level reports, and taking care of any random, one-off requests I get and my days are full from the moment my butt hits that chair to when I drag myself from my desk eight hours later. So far I’m managing it well and my manager is pleased enough to be mentioning it to people above her but that doesn’t make me any less worried that I’ll drop one of the many balls I’m juggling or that I’ll have forgotten to do something important before I leave at the end of next week. That would suck. A lot.

All of this boils down to that I haven’t had a lot of energy to write. That’s not to say that I haven’t been writing, but the output has been a lot less than it used to be. So far I’ve written parts of several short stories, maybe about six thousand words, which isn’t a lot but it’s something at least. I’m hoping that after next week’s craziness at the day job, I’ll be able to use the next six weeks to regather my thoughts and focus, spend some time connecting with my wife and son, and get back on the writing bandwagon instead of frantically chasing it down the country road while choking on its dust.

So, other good writing news, Jennifer Brozek, friend and editor extraordinaire, has released the official table of contents of Space Tramps. I’m extremely pleased to be working with her again and finally published alongside Tyler Hayes (whose blog is linked over there on the right).

That’s it for now. I have one more week of craziness to get through and then I’m free for six. I’ve cracked a bottle of blue label Chimay, I have a bowl of salted almons, and it is now time to write.

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2 Responses to And May is gone and June is here

  1. Kate says:

    Good plan for the next 6 weeks! And, a tip from one who’s done it – you can type with a baby in a sling. It’s a very bonding experience.

    • mattmarovich says:

      We’ll see. We’ve got one of those U-shaped pillows that we use when feeding him and I think I can put him on that when he’s swaddled and see if he’ll behave then.

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