I’m very happy to pass on the news that Dagan Books is definitely going to be putting out a sequel to Cthulhurotica! When I first heard of the original call for submissions I will admit that I let out a little groan; Cthulhu + erotica would need to be edited very well otherwise it would go very, very poorly. What came from Dagan Books was a quality anthology which has received good reviews. The editor, Carrie Cuinn, is great to work with and I’m looking forward to getting to try my hand at a second Cthulhurotica (as it will be open call for submissions eventually).

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2 Responses to Woot!

  1. Carrie Cuinn says:

    Matt – I can say that we’ll be putting out a closed call to a handful of writers from the original volume, and while that list isn’t complete yet (Don Pizarro, who wrote “The C-Word”, will be co-editing with me) I do know you’ll be on it. Details very soon.

    • mattmarovich says:

      Awesome! Thank you!

      Now I just need to come up with a topic, although I may have an idea or three…

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