Week 28 Postmortem

And here we are, back on track.

Week 28 wasn’t too bad. Not fantastic, but not too bad. Between blog posts and writing I did about 5,900 words, give or take, with about four and a half-thousand of that being fiction. Most of the work this past week has been tweaking “Son of All Monsters”. While it was finished (or very close to it) before, it felt awkward and the ending left a bit to be desired. After some discussion with Michelle I decided to go back through and edit the hell out of it then fix the ending and add some other stuff in to have the story make more sense. What happened was I ended up getting rid of about a thousand words between editing, condensing, moving a few things around and removing one character and then I added those thousand words back in by fixing the ending to give it more pop and tweaked one particular scene where two characters meet. In the end I think it’s a stronger story, now to see what the editrix thinks.

Other than that, I did some work on “Fog of War”, a war-themed horror story I’ll be submitting by the end of the month. Prior to this I didn’t know much about trench warfare and World War I and now, after I’ve done some reading on World War I, I’m really glad I wasn’t alive then. Because things like chlorine and mustard gas? Trench foot? Trench mouth? Yeah, aside from the high rate of death in some of the early parts of the war, the rest of it sounded screwed up on a very, very high level. However, totally and utterly ripe for horror. So. Much. Horror.

So, while I’m not up to 1k a day, I did at least, spend a little bit of time on writing and/or editing every day and that’s something at least.

Approximate Total First Draft Words for 2011: 143,632
BW: 88,247
OS v1: 8,330 (Complete, edited and submitted, 7,894)
R&R: 6,260 (Complete, first round of edits done, 5,896)
N/N: 4,150 (Complete, first round of edits done, 4,203)
SOAMv2: 7,355 (Complete)
TB: 10,403 (Complete, edited and submitted, accepted, 8,939)
OMSW: 11,000 (approximately, didn’t keep track of first draft version) (Complete, edited, submitted, 9,284)
MoD: 5,706 (Complete)
FoW: 3,300

Trunked, unfinished, seeds:
WS: 6,926 (trunked)
P/E: 700
SoAMv1: 1,139 (crap, it’s all crap)
TC: 3,276
JotS: 484
PS: 1,273
TCS: 2,869

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