*DING* Grats, dude!

Allow me to tell you a story (heh)…

Many, many moons ago Jennifer Brozek saw a story I’d posted on a different site and told me that she wanted me to clean it up and send it to her because she wanted to publish it on The Edge of Propinquity. A few people saw this and offered to help in the editorial process, one of which was my good friend Leslie E.H. Light. A copy editor by trade, Leslie offered to help edit the story in exchange for writing advice and support and because she’s just that awesome of a friend. “Reflections” was edited and sold with her help (and the assistance of a few others as well) and time progressed.

More stories were written and with each one completed Leslie always took, at least, a look at them after they were finished. Sometimes the red ink was sparse, sometimes she made my manuscripts bleed, but I don’t think there’s a single story I’ve completed since “Reflections” that she hasn’t looked at and none of the works I’ve had published since have been without her edits and suggestions. For the last four years she’s been one of my biggest voices of support (and occasionally the correcting slap upside the head) and I don’t think I could’ve done so much without her. More often than not her edits are the fine polish on a good idea that makes it great.

So it is with a lot of pleasure that I get to announce that not only has the editrix submitted her second story ever, but she’s also sold it as well. I saw the call for submissions on Duotrope a few months back and it positively screamed her name, she even had a short already written that I thought was perfect for the anthology and thankfully it appears that the editor and I were on the same wavelength.

I’ll post more information about the anthology she’ll be in when I get it but, for now, many many congrats to Leslie on her first sale.

*sniff* They grow up so quickly! *sniff, sob*

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3 Responses to *DING* Grats, dude!

  1. Anselm says:

    Go Leslie! That’s great news!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I’m proud to be your editrix and have worked hard to deserve the title. Esp. after that little munckin episode…

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