An update to the March Twilight Insanity

Last week I announced that I’d be reading Twilight in the month of March.

My good friend T.K. has since challenged me on Facebook, a right gentlemanly challenge, to see who can finish the Twilight series first in the month of March. I think he has somewhat of an unfair advantage, being off on Fridays in addition to the weekend and having no children of his own.

Why are we doing this? Because apparently if you’re going to do something that could potentially lead to brain damage you might as well go a complete vegetative state.

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6 Responses to An update to the March Twilight Insanity

  1. jfrieden says:

    If you own a kindle, you could save yourself some money and buy thevwhole series today for $2.99 for the kindle daily deal. Still not worth it to me.

    On a sidenote, did you know that Miss Ely (though not Ely any longer) from Valley Christian wrote a vampire trilogy? The first one came out in December.

    • mattmarovich says:

      That would save me money, but then she’d be getting some of the proceeds, or I could spend a little more and support my local used bookstore.

      Wait, Miss Ely, our honors English teacher? That’s super cool, you still in contact with her? I’d love to say hi!

  2. Carrie Cuinn says:

    You should do it for the only good reason to do it: to be sure that it’s as bad as you think it is. Sure, we all know it’s bad. Everyone we respect says so, and loads of people we don’t respect love it to pieces. But you should be able to say that you know for yourself. (Having read the book and seen a couple of the movies, I’m certain of why I hate it, but that’s my opinion. Go get your own.)

    • mattmarovich says:

      Which is the reason, ultimately, why I’ve decided to do it. The “challenge” is just something silly a friend of mine suggested on Facebook since I was going to do it anyway.

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