31 Days of Twilight – Whiskey, you’re the devil and you’re leading me astray…

As you know, a few days ago I received an emergency supply of Irish whiskey that rhymes with TotallyNotJamesons.

And what a lovely bottle it is.

I cracked it open almost immediately.

This is what the bottle looked like at the beginning of March 5th.

And the beginning of the night last night. Special shout out to James Grant of Two Lumps for the sketch you see in the background.


That’s probably three or four night’s of drinking there, I know I didn’t imbibe on one night.

A little fact about Matt: I love whiskey. Irish whiskey, Scotch, bourbon, I love it, but I don’t drink it frequently, it’s more of a once-in-a-while drink (beer is my go to for casual, every-day booze). I’ve had more whiskey in the last week than I did in the three months previous. The sad thing is, all that whiskey and I haven’t even gotten tipsy. I blame my Irish/Scottish/Croatian genes.

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