JoCo Cruise Crazy 2: The Performers

Other than the fact that you’re spending a week on what is essentially a floating four star hotel, the big draw of JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 is the entertainment. From the JoCo website, the cruise included:

Jonathan Coulton
Marian Call
Chris Collingwood
John Flansburgh
Vi Hart
John Hodgman
MC Frontalot
Paul and Storm
David Rees
John Roderick
Paul F. Tompkins
Wil Wheaton
Molly Lewis
Joseph Scrimshaw

Most of the people there were part of the “main” entertainment, a nightly concert that went for about three hours ending right before dinner. Each concert was split between two of the performers and often each performance would invariably end up including other artists who weren’t playing that night.

Looking back on the performances I liked pretty much all of them with the exception of John Hodgman. It wasn’t that he was bad, his humor just wasn’t really my thing. Chris Collingwood, of Fountains of Wayne, seemed the most out of place but he did a good job.

My favorite performances of the cruise were MC Frontalot, Paul and Storm, Wil Wheaton, Joseph Scrimshaw, and Jonathan Coulton, with Marian Call and John Roderick close seconds. I loved MC Frontalot’s “First World Problems”, Joseph Scrimshaw did an excellent bit of stand up on all things geeky, and John Roderick, of The Long Winters, sang “The Commander Thinks Aloud”, which is a song about the Columbia tragedy and it messes me up every time I hear it. Unfortunately, the main stage didn’t like my camera and many of the shots I took from inside the theater turned out looking like crap and have since been deleted but I do have a few that are at least passable:

Marian Call
JCCCII - 38 - Marian Call

Jonathan Coulton and Paul of Paul and Storm
JCCCII - 140 - JoCo and Paul

Wil Wheaton

John Roderick, Paul, and Jonathan

JoCo and Molly singing “And Now I Am An Arsonist”
JCCCII - 154 - Joco and Molly

JCCCII - 157 - Everyone

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