So, my friend Tyler, the one responsible for me reading the entire series this month rather than just the first book, and I will be doing a couple of podcasts after we finish the books and our first one will be recorded this Sunday. We’ll be talking about why we’re doing this, our opinions on the books, and answering some questions regarding what we’ve read so far. To that end, we need some help from you.

Send us questions about this project. Ask us our opinions about the writing, the characters, the story. Is Bella really that crazy or is Matt just blowing it out of proportion? Are we Team Edward, Jacob, or Tyler (guy who almost hit Bella with the van)?

Comment below with your questions, maybe we’ll answer yours in the podcast!

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One Response to 31DoT: THE PODCAST

  1. Anselm says:

    As someone with a psychology degree, what’s your objective (as far as possible) evaluation of Bella? Looking at the “facts” as they’re presented, and her characterization of herself, what’s the diagnosis?

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