How bad is Touched by Venom?

Actual transcript of texts Tyler and I sent back and forth yesterday once we’d started the next book for Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks:

Me: “Mating Closet” is going to be the name of my George Michael cover band.
Tyler: I’m starting a folk metal band called Venom Cock.

I can’t make this stuff up. I have a feeling that April’s podcast is going to be decidedly NSFW.

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4 Responses to How bad is Touched by Venom?

  1. smyctyler says:

    I read a few of the Amazon reviews. Apparently, I have yet to reach the “female genital mutilation” scene.

  2. A Bear says:

    I am in awe. I recently ordered this book from Amazon, waiting for it to arrive. It’s a bit like a horrible accident, with blood everywhere and limbs strewn across the road and heads rolling down into the sewers. It’s a terrible thing, but you cant help but to look!

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