Various and Sundry

The anthology that my editrix’s first story is in received a very positive review from GO FORTH AND BUY HER BOOK!

Also, Episode 3 of Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks is available from Podbean and you can find us on the Stitcher app as well as iTunes. Give us a listen.

Also, special shout out to listener A Bear: thank you for your support, I mentioned your book donation on last nights podcast specifically.

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2 Responses to Various and Sundry

  1. A Bear says:

    Awesome! Downloading now, will be listening momentarily. (o:

    You’re quite welcome. I really enjoy the podcast, and what better way to say Thank You than to send you awful books?

    • mattmarovich says:

      Thanks… 8p
      Seriously though, enthusiasm and interest like yours is what keeps us going.

      That and booze.

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