How people find my blog frightens me some days…

One of the super neat things about WordPress is that it provides a fair amount of information about who is visiting you. Nothing particularly specific on individuals (don’t worry, your IP addresses are safe) but it does tell me which links people have traveled to my blog from, which country they are in (hello the three people who came here from Qatar!), as well as some other information.

Such as which search engine queries people used to get to my blog.

Now, there are some fairly innocent ones, such as
deadline book summary
dance with dragons theories
what year did district b13 came out

Then there are some some slightly stranger ones
baby imprints on stomach
edward and bella from twilight running while holding hands
jake twilight looks like shaved bear
картинки из сумерки jacob поцелуй bella

And then there’s…well…
vagina dentata movie
vagina dentata monster
hot lingerie mature tube
ramsay bolton jeyne poole wedding night
(this one is especially creepy if you’re a fan of AGoT and you know who Ramsay Bolton is…)
robert pattinson biting a baby’s head
twilight erection
edward and bella naked image of night swim in breaking dawn

…stupid review of The Thing prequel linking my blog to vagina dentata.

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2 Responses to How people find my blog frightens me some days…

  1. Bon Steele says:

    I think your “how folks find me” list is quite impressive, honestly.
    The Ramsay Bolton query *does* make me a little leery of some of your fans, though.

    • mattmarovich says:

      Yeah…I really don’t want to know the why hiding behind that search reason, unless the person is researching evil fantasy characters and not evil fantasies…

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