And we have a website!

Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks now has it’s own blog and website over at

Some basic info is up there and it’s still very much a work in progress but if you would like to grab the RSS feed for your readers head on over and do so!

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4 Responses to And we have a website!

  1. A Bear says:

    Nice and clean, I very much like it. Thank you! One small change request though: Please add a download link to each podcast. Right now all I see is the little player widget (or I can just head to podbean).

    Thank you for your efforts and your sacrifices. (o:

    I’m planning to start reading “Maverick’s Mate” tonight. I don’t know if I’ll finish it though. ~(o:

    • mattmarovich says:

      We’ve been working on tweaking WordPress to allow us to upload the podcast files ourselves (which involved rewriting a file because WordPress defaults to 9mb and our podcasts are 15mb or more) so we’ll hopefully be adding that feature. We’ll still be hosting at podbean though.

  2. The site is down. I couldn’t get to it all weekend, and checked back in today. Just wanted to let you know. Here’s the message I get when I try that address –

    • mattmarovich says:

      Yeah, last week our hosting company apparently suffered some catastrophic server failure. It was briefly back up over the weekend but would take forever to load and Tyler and I could not log in as admin because they broke a bunch of permissions. Our officially unofficial official sysadmin has opened up a number of nastygrams with them and hopefully it’ll be up soon.

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