I’m on my phone while Michelle, Connor, and I visit my parents, but I need to tell you to see the Avengers. Not only has it beaten Cabin in the Woods as best movie of 2012 and 2011, it’s the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen.

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5 Responses to Avengers!!!

  1. Bon Steele says:

    Saw it last night – and yes.
    It is a fantastic movie. For me, the deft touch of Whedon was definitely part of the reason why. But, agreed with you.
    Go See It, People.

  2. jfrieden says:

    I really want to go! Why did my son have to be born at this time of year?!

    • mattmarovich says:

      To spite future movie watching of yours? Go see it next weekend, it’ll keep (and still be as awesome)!

      • jfrieden says:

        That was the plan. Then I ran into a neighbor while on a walk Monday evening. He was excitedly animated when describing his experience watching it over the weekend. He was nearly giddy.

        I broke down, called everyone I knew to see if they wanted to go, found the one guy who hadn’t already committed to going with his wife or already saw it, and 30 minutes later we were off to see it.

        We were not disappointed. Great, great, great movie! I appreciated your review too. Spot on. Joss is the best sci-fi cinematic-storyteller alive.

        In the coming weeks, I will take my wife to see it and I’m sure having seen it once will not diminish the experience one bit.

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