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Movie Review: Attack the Block

Post contains spoilers per my policy I love alien invasion movies but it seems like Hollywood has been…scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit both in terms of plot and also in regards to the aliens themselves. When I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ghost, Book 1 of the Paladin of Shadows series, by John Ringo

Until two weeks ago there was only one book that I disliked enough to use the word “hate”. I know I’ve spoken here and on Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks about my disregard for Gone With the Wind, but, … Continue reading

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My Heart is Heavy and I Cannot See the Stars

Have you ever had one of those moments where you have an experience, whether you’re exposed to some kind of media or something happens to you, and something in your mind clicks in such a way that you realize what … Continue reading

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Truer words never spoken

“Proper copyeditors are almost without exception better-educated and more technically skilled in the use of the language than you. They also don’t work in their underwear in a pit of empty Red Bull cans. This is the point in the … Continue reading

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