Truer words never spoken

“Proper copyeditors are almost without exception better-educated and more technically skilled in the use of the language than you. They also don’t work in their underwear in a pit of empty Red Bull cans. This is the point in the book where the supremacy of the author’s voice begins to matter not a single bit, because hard-working people with actual jobs are trying to save you from your own stupidity. A copyeditor isn’t the enemy. A copyeditor is your own paid Jiminy Cricket, asking you if you really want to stick your unprotected cock in that beehive.

(You don’t.)

(No, you really don’t.)”

-Warren Ellis

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One Response to Truer words never spoken

  1. Bon Steele says:

    If only some of the published “writers” had read this quote before vanity publishing.

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