Things! Stuff and Things!

So, still not dead though playing the role of (thankfully temporarily) single parent as my wife is away on business. However, things to update:

I sold a story! To an anthology. Details I can give: It was a good story (obviously). And, unfortunately, the only other detail I can give is that I can’t give any other details. Once the ToC is announced by the publisher then I can dish but let me say that I’m very happy to have sold this story.

In other news:
– I’m finishing up a short tonight.
– I read Red Shirts by John Scalzi. It was good and very, very meta.
– I read Fifty Shades of Gray by E L Jay for the podcast. It was bad and very, very boring.

Other than that life continues apace. I’ll be doing some more posts later this week and starting regularly again next week. Sorry for the absence!

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2 Responses to Things! Stuff and Things!

  1. A Bear says:

    Welcome back, and congratulations! Make sure to let us know the name of the book when you’re able to do so.

    Hopefully you can soon get drunk and tell us about the dramatic, exciting conclusion of the terminal velocity elevator.

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