Morning Crazy Revival? Maaaaaaybe…

A few years ago on that dying (or still on-going if you’re a Russian) blogging platform LiveJournal, I used to have a blog on which I had a morning segment I used to call Morning Crazy. Morning Crazy was where I posted one or two random stories I’d found around the Net, with some commentary, and people liked them. I tried to spin it off into its own blog but since I can’t even update this one regularly it fell by the wayside. However, some people have been clamoring at me to start it back up again in light that my hometown was recently graced by a naked man confronting the police with a “samurai sword”. By all accounts the man disrobed in order to confront the police and I can only assume that he was trying to out-WTF the police in order to gain some sort of advantage. Thankfully, he appeared to be a cowardly nutbag and was apprehended without being shot and without carving anyone up.

Since then I’ve learned of a Subway worker flying off the handle and challenging a customer to a fight after said customer ordered a Philly cheesesteak with ketchup. I mean, my first job was at a Togo’s (similar, but better, sandwich shop chain to Subway but only in the Bay Area) and while there were plenty of times I wanted to box an irritating customer, it was never over the addition of ketchup to a sandwich (and I’d put up that no amount of ketchup is going to make a Subway sandwich any good).

Additionally, totalitarian regimes are still in vogue and still ridiculous when a man in Belarus was arrested for clapping. Yes, clapping. It appears that clapping became a form of protest against the dictator there so, like any good tyrant, he had it outlawed (no word on when breathing is getting banned). The only problem with this arrest? The man in question only had one arm. Yeah, work that one out.

So, what do you think? More Morning Crazy here?

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2 Responses to Morning Crazy Revival? Maaaaaaybe…

  1. jfrieden says:

    On your third story, I think we need to alert the Zen masters because now we can know what one hand clapping finally sounds like.

    • mattmarovich says:

      I know. It’s kind of crazy. I can’t imagine what it would be like living in a place where you can get locked up for clapping.

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