Status Update

Well, a week since my last post and how am I doing?

Jobs posts responded to? Check.
House-work done? Check.
Kid managed? Check.
Writing? Triple checked.

As I said in my last post I’ve been working on Goodly again and the progress on it is going well. So far we’re up to 20,616 words and I’m happy with what I’ve done thus far. Granted, I’m rewriting based off of my rough draft from last November and rewriting has always gone faster for me than putting down words for the first time, so we’ll have to see if I can keep up the pace I’ve been writing at once I run out of rough draft to use.

I’ve also decided to start doing a few different series of posts here, things on gaming, writing, being a geek and being a father and husband, basically the four corners of my life as it is right now and I’ll be putting up the first of those, the challenge of teaching a toddler the concept of being gentle, later tonight. I think on Fridays I might also start posting some flash fiction or super short fiction, less than a thousand words, on Fridays, little bits of teasers since I received some good feedback regarding the Easter story bit.

Now…to tackle laundry. The glorious life of the house-husband is a thrill a minute.

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