Wednesday Progress Report

Another week and here we are. How are things going?


So far I’m almost on track with my two thousand words a day goal, just 144 words shy. I was ahead but slipped a little yesterday because I didn’t do any writing. Michelle’s at a work retreat this week in Half Moon Bay so I took Connor up to see her Monday night and then I had the boy all day yesterday, and, well, being a dad and having a fun day with the kid trumps writing (or at least it should, every now and again). I’ll write 2.2k a day until I have my 2k buffer back up

How is the story coming along? Well, I’m at almost 36k words now and, when I compare this version to the original, I’ve added about eight thousand new words. One of the things the editrix said she liked about the original was that the pace flowed well and I’m hoping that I kept that up, even with the additional words.

I also got bored a few nights ago and put some other words to paper. It’s tentatively titled By the Pen and it’s an adaptation of a short story I did. I’ve been sketching out the outline for it and I think this will be the next project between Goodly and Kindly.

By the Pen

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