A Year DRM-Free And What Does Tor Think About It?

Apparently they’re quite happy with it.

I’m really, really happy for Tor that this experiment (which was really the right move all along) has worked out for them and that their faith in business, as well as in their readers, has been found to be valid.

As an author who had one of his first (really, really bad) pieces of fiction ripped off, I’ll post the story later this week, I can understand that fear. Fear of putting something out there, something someone could steal. Sure, in theory, Tor’s getting at least one sale off an ebook file but it doesn’t take a psychic to think up the scenario of some file going viral, and suddenly it’s worthless since everyone’s passing it around like a case of mono in high school. Such scenarios have made many businesses scared of making their work DRM-free, imagining the scads of money they’d suddenly be losing if they didn’t lock up their information as tight as they can.

Well, I’m glad that Tor not only saw the light but has been basking in it ever since. Good on you.

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