Wednesday Progress Report

Here it is, another week gone by and the first of May, a day for new beginnings, for dancing around the Maypole, and for…other things if Jonathan Coulton is to be believed. How did I do over the last week? Pretty good I’d say. Let’s take a look:

By the Pen

I’m on track for Goodly and managed to recover some more ground as well as put some more words on By the Pen, not many but I’m not too worried. Writing on BtP is catch-if-catch-can and what I consider gravy if my brain isn’t too runny from having done my usual 2k minimum. However, this week is going to be short a writing day because Friday is due to be full of errands in the morning and then Ironman 3 in the afternoon, followed by our usual Friday night plans of hanging out at our friends’ house. So, if I can get to 50k tomorrow (or reasonably close to it) I’ll be happy.

Biggest frustration of this week has been looking for freelance writing. I don’t really know where to start. I found elance and oDesk but I’ve heard a lot of negative things about both. And writing a writing resume is a pain in the neck; doing one for my HR experience was relatively easy but for my writing achievements? Meh.

Anyway, that’s it for my update. Friday I will have two pieces of fiction since I didn’t post one last week.

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