Wednesday (*coughcoughlatesorrybusycoughcough*) Progress Report

Jeebus this week has been busy.

Monday saw Goodly cross the fifty thousand word mark which was a nice accomplishment. Haven’t worked at all on By the Pen but I’m not sweating that. Tuesday was a weird day because the first half of it was spent traveling and interviewing for a job and when I got home I found it very difficult to concentrate, so I was only able to do about one thousand words. Yesterday was a big, big push to get caught up (three thousand words in one day makes my brain feel abused) which I did, leaving us at…

By the Pen

Yesterday was interesting because it was the start of a pretty significant, and entirely new, scene in Goodly. This scene didn’t appear in the original and the writing was much, much slower going. To be honest, that has me a little worried about how out of practice I might be on coming up with new stuff and it raises some concerns for my hope to get two thousand words a day written. Of the original document I have about five thousand more words left to rewrite, which should see me through to somewhere between sixty-five and sixty-seven thousand words if my ratio of adding new words to the old one, plus some new scenes that I have planned out, holds true. That leaves about thirty-ish thousand new words left to write (I’m anticipating going over 95k, but we’ll see). Provided I stick to my schedule I should be done sometime mid-June.

Well, that’s it for today. Off to go get my coffee started brewing and take a quick shower before it’s back to the word mines.

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