Wednesday (It’s Still Wednesday When I Wrote This!) Progress Report

Jumping right into it, there hasn’t been that much more progress on the stories since last “Wednesday”.

By the Pen


Well, I got a job.

Tuesday last week I went in for an interview for a contract HR gig and was told there was one other candidate they were meeting with on Friday, so I would hear either Friday or Monday about the role.

Thursday rolls around and I get a call from the recruiter; the other candidate, for whatever reason, is no longer available and would I like the job?

*looks at credit card bills, looks at bank account*

Yes, please.

And so I started on Monday. Unlike my previous job whose commute lasted all of ten minutes tops (and that was if there were truly horrible drivers on the road who couldn’t manage the simple concepts of green means go, red means stop), my new job is about an hour and fifteen minutes away in traffic (and that’s if I *coughcough* totally avoid the carpool lane *coughcoughcouh*), which isn’t a bad commute as far as the Bay Area is concerned. I haven’t had any kind of serious commute in almost six years and, for as not fast as it is, I’m finding that traffic takes it out of me (not to mention the stress of starting a new job and with all the things I need to learn). So, I’m giving myself a pass this week and, starting Sunday, will be picking the writing back up again. I want to finish this book in June. It’ll be hard with my job, essentially, taking up eleven hours of my day, but I should be able to do it.

Other than that I’m going camping this weekend for the first time in three or four years and the first time with Connor. Hopefully…it will be a good experience.

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2 Responses to Wednesday (It’s Still Wednesday When I Wrote This!) Progress Report

  1. Lynette says:

    Congrats on the job. Sorry the commute is a time suck. Hopefully it’s against traffic (i.e., reverse commute), but still, 75 minutes is sucky.

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