So…that happened…

Last Thursday I had plans to have dinner with my good friend Darne when I saw that one John Scalzi was coming to Mountain View. As I know she is a fan of his, or at least her husband is a fan of his, I suggested we go see Scalzi, get his new book The Human Division signed, and then grab a bite. She was game so we went up to Book Buyers, purchased our copies, and waited.

Scalzi was pretty much as he was a few months ago on the Nerd Boat and he read the newest chapter of The Human Division, the one that did not appear in eformat with the rest of the book, as well as a selection from his upcoming book The Mallet of Loving Correction. We listened, waited in line, and when it was my turn to have him sign my book he asked if I wanted it personalized.

“No, thank you, just signed please,” I said. I love having signed books but I like it a little less when the autograph is personalized. “To Bob, best wishes” takes a bit out of it when I get a used, autographed book since I’m not Bob and the author didn’t offer me best wishes. I figure whoever gets my books next, whether that’s Connor or some stranger via a used bookstore, might feel the same way.

“Are you sure?” Scalzi asked, lifting one eyebrow at me.

“Er, well…”

And then this happened.


For those of you who can’t make it out, the inscription is “Matt! Against your will, I have personalized this book. SUCK IT. John Scalzi.”

Photobombed by Wheaton, trolled in my own book by Scalzi.

My life is weird. Awesome. But weird. Thanks, Scalzi.

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