Bonus Monday Morning Crazy Thinks The Devil’s In The Details

We all make mistakes.

I know I certainly do. My grammar, oftentimes, is atrocious and my spelling occasionally needs help. I know this about myself and so I try to cut other people some slack, to a point, because we’re all human and we make mistakes.

Of course, there are limits. We all have our limits of patience and understanding. Like the time the payroll department of one of my previous employers put me down for fifteen dependents on my W-4, instead of $15 extra dollars removed for taxes every paycheck, causing me to owe the Fed almost three thousand dollars. That definitely pushed my limits.

For others, the bar is much lower. Like the gentleman who, upon seeing a typo on the sign for the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (it was missing the “d” in “and”) and decided the only appropriate course of action was to attempt to blow up said sign with a pressure-cooker bomb.

His cunning plan, you see, was foiled when he walked into the Commission to complain about the sign, that his bomb which failed to explode, that the bomb-making instructions he downloaded from the Internet were filled with spelling mistakes (no word on if he decided to bomb the Internet after taking care of the sign) and the general state of education of children in these present times. I’m sure the poor receptionist was giving him her completely undivided attention as she stared at the wire-bedecked pressure-cooker sitting on her desk.

Thankfully, the nutter was arrested a short while afterward when the police found him sitting in his van and no one was hurt.

Why is it always a van?

Anyway, on this morning, remember that typos can make a world of difference, especially to bomb-toting, spelling Nazis.


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