Monday Morning Crazy does not think foie gras and doughnuts are two great tastes that taste great together

Ah, my hometown of San Jose is in the news again.

You see, a number of years ago a doughnut shop named Psycho Donuts opened up. With a craziness/mental hospital theme, they offer a variety of, shall we say, unique doughnuts to experience.

Missing from this list was the chef’s most recent creation, done for National Doughnut Day which was last Friday the seventh.

The foie gras doughnut.

Foie gras, which I’ve had and found delicious (while still being conflicted about considering the very sketchy ways it is made), is illegal to sell in California. However, it is a legal gray area if you give it away. The chef, one Chef Ron Levi, thought it might be an interesting taste combination (which makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth). But why, you might ask, if he made this particular doughnut for National Doughnut Day, does it not appear on the front page of his shops’ website, instead relegated to an announcement on the blog page?

Because he’s received death threats for his creation, apparently.

Death threats.

For a doughnut.

Oh, California, don’t ever change.


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