Monday Morning Crazy has a new found fear, er, respect for football hooligans

Well, maybe not traditional hooligans which are British if I understand, but I think that this Monday Morning Crazy would make even a bunch of authentic hooligans sit back, blink, and go, “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Now, imagine if you will, you’re in Sao Paulo watching a football match (hey, I’m American, not ignorant). The game is, shall we say, not going well and doesn’t get any better when the ref and a player get into a shouting match.

Then a fist fight.

Then the ref pulls out a blade and knifes the player.

What, as any self-respecting football fan, would you do?

Well, apparently fans in Sao Paulo will rush the field, stone said referee to death, quarter his body and leave his head on a post in the middle of the field.

“Fan” is short for “fanatic” after all.


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