Movie Review: Pacific Rim

It’s not that I had low expectations going in to Pacific Rim, it’s that I knew what kind of movie I was getting when I bought that ticket.

I grew up watching Godzilla flicks late at night. And that’s what Pacific Rim is, it’s a Godzilla movie, a kaiju movie.

I’ve seen people complain about the physics, about how even if they did their best to suspend disbelief, they still couldn’t get over it. That’s the thing, you can’t just suspend disbelief, you have to grab it by the neck and the seat of the pants and throw disbelief right out the window and accept that whatever happens in that movie can happen simply because it does happen.

A giant 45′ tall, multi-ton killing machine can be airlifted by a set of eight helicopters and transported via air while vertical? Sure.

A kaiju can suddenly grow bat wings and, regardless of things like mass, muscle capability or bone structure, grab and lift one of said giant robots fifty thousand feet into the air (at least that’s what I think the computer said)? Ok.

A giant kaiju can exist despite needing massive amounts of food to sustain itself? Fine.

These are just three examples taken from trailers (so as not to be spoilerific) of how you can have no disbelief if you want to enjoy this movie. If you are not into that this is a completely different universe than ours, it just looks like ours, with its own rules in play then you’re going to get caught up on the thorny issues like science, plausible cause and effect, and the sheer ridiculousness of the premise and anything that happens once the previews stop until the credits roll.

Suffice to say, I enjoyed Pacific Rim to a point. Was it the knock-down robot vs. giant monster fight I had been told to expect? Yes.

Were there issues with the film beyond those things that I referenced above? Yes. The acting was, shall we say, a little wooden (the best performance was given by the little girl, you know which one I mean) and the dialogue could’ve been better. There were also some holes in the movie and to avoid spoilers I will simply say this which will mean nothing until you see the movie:

Considering the nature of the lock, how did they get back out again?

So, was this a perfect movie? Not in the slightest. Was it an enjoyable film? Sure, if you could embrace the craziness.

IMO, unless you are someone who likes seeing this sort of thing on the big screen and likes 3D you can skip it in the theater. This was far from my favorite Del Torro flick (which is still tied between Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone) and, honestly, I don’t know if he was at his best. Sure he only has the script he’s got to work with but let’s put it this way: I felt there was better acting in Mimic.

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6 Responses to Movie Review: Pacific Rim

  1. jfrieden says:

    You forgot to mention that the insta-bat-wing Kaiju was fighting, walking, and flying all without a tail! (that’s when I leaned over to my buddy and said, “Flying with no tail? This movie is so unrealistic.”).

    Did the design of lock work both ways, or was it designed to block non-Kaiju from taking a trip earth-side to Kaiju land only?

    My friend’s (less than) 140 character review said it all: Loud, crazy, a little dumb, and totally awesome!

    • mattmarovich says:

      True, but to be fair, it HAD a tail. It just didn’t anymore when it started flying.

      Exactly my question regarding the lock.

      That’s a pretty decent summary.

      • jfrieden says:

        If an animal has a tail and loses it in a fight, it will throe off it’s equilibrium and render it ineffective. Even bats have a stump.

      • mattmarovich says:

        True. It should’ve been more ungainly. However, this is KAIJUVERSE where things like biology are suggestions.

  2. Krys says:

    I was more bothered by the two distinct acting styles than anything else. The straight up dramatic blockbuster acting style of all the primary characters contrasted so horribly with the cartoonish over-acting of the secondary characters (the doctors, the russians, even to some degree my beloved Ron Perlman) that it grated on me in every scene. If every character overacted, like in Hellboy, it would have been great. Or if every character played it straight, that would have been great. It was the combination that was grating and really stopped me from enjoying what should have been brain bubblegum. *sigh*

    • mattmarovich says:

      I think that’s fair to say. I know that the worst performance, IMO, was Ron Perlman in this. Yes, I get it that he’s Del Torro’s BFF and I like Perlman in general but his character was just annoying. The doctors didn’t really bother me and the Russians hardly had any presence.

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