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Who else can say they met their Writing Fairy Godfather?

“Sometimes, you just got to let the fucking cake bake, man.” These were the words said to me several years ago and, while also forming an inside joke among my friends, some of the best writing advice I’d ever been … Continue reading

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Superheroes and Villains as Robots

Wicked cool art.

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Follow up to my last Kid Movies, Adult Thoughts post

My good friend G just shared an interesting website that helps lay out the theory of the Pixar worlds: Not sure if I agree with it all (for instance, how would the monsters know that human beings are their … Continue reading

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Kid Movies, Adult Thoughts: The Cars (and Planes too, I guess) franchise

I understand that there is a spectrum of reality when it comes to children’s animated films that runs the gambit with completely realistic on one end and completely fantastic on the other. The Cars franchise is definitely one of the … Continue reading

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You have to wonder what we’re teaching young women about consent…

when the main character of a tween supernatural romance says shit like, “Girls need to be swept off their feet, and asking permission is just…just…old-fashioned. It’s not spontaneous enough. It doesn’t scream passion. It screams old fogy. If you have … Continue reading

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Isn’t it puuuuurty?

So my friend Mercedes M. Yardley has a book coming out soon from Ragnarok Publications titled APOCALYPTIC MONTESSA AND NUCLEAR LULU. Here’s the cover: You really should check her out.

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Writing Workshop

I’ve been “attending” an online, forum-based workshop being done by Carrie Cuinn of Dagan Books. An upside is that I’m meeting some great new authors and being exposed to other people’s writing styles. The “downside” is that they’re all really … Continue reading

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