Ten Things My Son Has Said When He’s Angry

1. “Walk away, daddy!” – We never use this phrase so I have no idea where he picked it up.
2. “Hush! No talking!” – Modification of what we say to the Mongrel Horde when they’re being obnoxious.
3. “I want daddy to get out of the car!” – Said while driving at speed down the freeway.
4. “No, daddy, no love me!” – Said while upset because I told him I loved him.
5. “No, daddy, it’s wake up time! No sleep!” – Said when I told him I was tired.
6. “Daddy, manage the dogs.” – This is pretty much a direct quote my wife often says to me.
7. “No, mommy, you have lots of purses! Daddy doesn’t have a ‘game bag!'” – Said this morning when my son called the courier bag I keep my RPG stuff in a purse.
8. “WAIT YOUR TURN, LITTLE FINGER!” – Shouted at his own hand when he was counting on his fingers and his little finger moved before he could get to five.
9. “No! No singing!” followed by “No talk to me!” while I was singing in the car.
10. “Mr. Sun is in my eyes! GO AWAY, MISTER SUN!”

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One Response to Ten Things My Son Has Said When He’s Angry

  1. jfrieden says:

    Good stuff! When my son was done talking to me one time, he walked away saying, “I fink I want dad to go to work now.” His stock phrase is, ” No! No more talking.”

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