Violence and Stories

My stories are not peaceful places.

Every story that I have published has some level of violence in them, whether that’s a main character having his brain removed and put in a Mi-Go jar or a Victorian detective shooting and killing a werewolf. Despite the fact that the world is infinitely more violent than anything I could write (because human beings are, if anything, masters at making other human beings suffer in new, creative, and utterly despicable ways), there are some people who would rather not have me or anyone else write such things. Recently, the UK government has decided that they need to create a great Internet filtering program to blind the people of the UK to things like violence so much so that Hamlet was recently caught up in the filter when someone in the UK tried to do a web search for it. One of the greatest plays written by one of the greatest English playwrights in the history of the world and the people of said country can’t even Google it.

Warren Ellis wrote a great essay here on why we need violent stories. You may not like violent stories, and that’s a perfectly fair thing to say (I’m not a particular fan of things like torture porn media myself), but I would argue that we need violent stories for all the reasons he lists here.

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