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My October/Halloween Reading List

My reading list for my upcoming trip and for the rest of October: 1. The Cuckoo’s Calling by JK Rowling (for YBiWDD) 2. Steampunk Erotica (for the YBiWDD live-recording @Convolution; October is punishment on the bad book scene) 3. The … Continue reading

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Morning Crazy can’t think of anything POSSIBLY GOING WRONG WITH THIS

Well, no pithy post because I think you’ll get why I think this is a fantastic idea The hotel from the Shining is set to dig up a pet cemetery. GOOD MORNING!

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An Open Letter to the Person Who Sent Me Unsolicited Fiction Featuring Underage Children Having Sex: What Were You Thinking?

Dear Anonymouse, Today an interesting thing happened when I received an email from Amazon that someone going by the name Anonymouse, you, had sent me an Amazon Gift Book titled Hall of the Mountain King (only click that link if … Continue reading

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Statement of Self-identity or Being a Two Year-Old?

Last night I had an interesting experience. I don’t know about you but, from my experience, two year-olds can be contrary little creatures. Connor one moment will say he doesn’t want his stuffed Angus and the next, when you go … Continue reading

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Re: my last post and Matt Walsh

I’ve had it pointed out to me by a few people that Matt Walsh, shall we say, is someone who I wouldn’t normally agree with on most topics. I’ve only given his other posts a cursory glance and he appears … Continue reading

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On being the parent of “that kid”

When Michelle and I first talked about having kids we had many concerns about being “those” parents. You know “those” parents. Those parents are the ones who let their kids run rampant around the restaurant, throwing food and being a … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Crazy thinks you’re not long for this world…

We’ve all done stupid things in our lives. Some of us (ok, me) have run on pool decks and hurt ourselves. Some of us (my friend Tim) have lit ourselves on fire with blow torches. I’d hope that some of … Continue reading

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