I am not good at this convalescing thing

So, long story short I went in for a vasectomy on Thursday and it didn’t go well. Suffice to say, my family’s unfortunate luck when it comes to medical procedures held up here and when it came to being part of the 95% of men who have no complications, I had to roll a one on the good ol’ percentile dice. So infrequent are complications from this procedure that the urgent care doctor AND the on-call urologist both admitted that they’d never experienced one despite doing their jobs for years. A trip to urgent care, two to the ER, being admitted to the hospital and an operation later and I’m back home. Without getting into any gruesome details (trust me, you should be appreciative) things are going well and considering the complications a friend of mine had with his vasectomy (nice to know I’m not the only one with crap luck) it could’ve been worse. Much much worse.

My experiences in the hospital have left me with some observations that I’ll be writing about here, everything from medical care to people’s reactions about the vasectomy itself.

Also, I find it somewhat amusing that medical nurses can speak with confidence about anything on your chart but when they get to the actual issues involving your genitals their voices turn to awkward mumbles.

Anyway, I find it difficult to convalesce. I hate not being able to move all the way, move the right ways. I hate being limited in my physical ability. I know I have to, I need to heal up (especially as work looms next week) but I hate it. I hate this. I always have and I always will.

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2 Responses to I am not good at this convalescing thing

  1. Mercedes says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this! Are you sure we aren’t related? I also have the worst luck. Have you ever heard of POST partum preeclampsia? Yeah, neither had my doctors. When you have preecelampsia, you deliver the baby and that’s what “cures” you. I had the baby and THEN got preeclampsia. They called my husband in to say goodbye to me. Sucky.

    I’m sorry that it happened, but good to hear that they were able to do something for you. It’s tough staying down, but maybe you can get some great movies in. And do some genealogical research. Pretty sure we share a gene somewhere. 😛

  2. Alex Hurst says:

    You seem to be handling it well, despite the situation; at the very least your words don’t come across as angry wails… just an acceptance of what has happened. I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully, while you heal up you’ll have plenty of freedom to write. 🙂

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