Re: my last post and Matt Walsh

I’ve had it pointed out to me by a few people that Matt Walsh, shall we say, is someone who I wouldn’t normally agree with on most topics. I’ve only given his other posts a cursory glance and he appears to have a pretty dim view of atheists (which I am) and vaccinations (which I’m generally for). One commenter on my last post described him as a “misogynistic douchebag”. Other people who have read more of his work might be right about him, I don’t know, nor am I particularly interested in going down that particular rabbit hole.

It still doesn’t change the fact that what he wrote in that article has some truth, important truth, in it. While I keep this blog free of most of my political views, many of which Matt Walsh might disagree with quite vociferously, I like to think people should at least do each other a solid and say to the other, when appropriate, “I might disagree with you on everything else but that thing you said just now? Right on the money.”

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2 Responses to Re: my last post and Matt Walsh

  1. Mister Bear says:

    I think too many people have an “us vs. them” mentality and want to “win” all the time. They’re too focused on that adversity to the point of not listening at all. Our political system is a great example of this. It’s all about the D and the R fighting it out instead of finding common ground – of which there is a lot, if one bothers to look.

    • mattmarovich says:

      Well, sometimes, depending on the topic, there just won’t be any common ground; I mean, I’ll never be able to find common ground with Matt Walsh (or any other believer) when it comes to religious belief as I have none. However, just because we’ll never see eye-to-eye on that topic doesn’t mean that he (or any other believer) is a bad person for that. To me that’s the real issue: that people take disagreements about things as personal slights.

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