So, 2013

In prior years my end-of-the-year sentiment has typically been “F*** THIS LAST YEAR” but, you know what, 2013 hasn’t been that bad. At it’s worst it simply got difficult. Being laid off wasn’t fun and my contract coming to an end wasn’t great but, in the grand scheme of things, whatever, it’s not like we haven’t had that happen before (and compared to previous times when Michelle was laid off we are in a MUCH better place now than we were then; those were truly “Oh shit, how are we going to do this?” sorts of situations). Our health through the year was pretty good aside from a planned surgery to repair Michelle’s ACL and September for me (“outpatient surgery”, my ass; I’ll spare you the horrible details).

So, what do I want for 2014? A job would be good because steady pay, even if it does bite into my writing time, is always a good thing. Spend more time here is another thing, I know I’ve been neglecting my blog in the last two months and I’ll be working on fixing that this upcoming month. More time to write or more writing in general; something I have been doing more of since my contract ended. See more friends, do more podcasting, game more, all things that are very easily attained and thus my life is happy.

But, honestly, if 2014 is only a smidge better than 2013 I’ll be happy. I have a wife who loves me, a beautiful son I love dearly, and a comfortable, healthy life that I try to not take for granted.

If your 2013 was bad, may your 2014 be better.
If your 2013 was good, may your 2014 be greater.

See you next year and have a very happy and safe New Year.

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One Response to So, 2013

  1. Alex Hurst says:

    Happy New Year! May a flexible, well-paying job find you quickly. 🙂

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