I wonder where he gets it

Connor has this habit of asking questions about something he’s just seen where the questions repeat and are cyclic, even when he’s just been given the answer. For instance, a series might look like this:

Q: Where’s Berk?
A: It’s where the vikings live.
Q: Who are the vikings?
A: The vikings are Hiccup’s people.
Q: Where do the vikings live?
A: In Berk.
Q: [returns to the start of the conversation]

This happens daily about everything and he asks questions in this way even if he knows the answer. Sometimes this can wear on us a bit, having to answer the same question over and over again and today this hilarious exchange happened:

Connor: [Asks a series of questions, repeating multiple times]
Michelle: Connor, I’m not going to answer these questions anymore, I’m getting tired of the questions.
Connor: I’m getting tired of you.
Adults: [proceed to lose our minds laughing]
Connor: [stares like we’ve lost our minds]

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