Three Years

I can still remember how it went three years ago.

Things actually started around 6PM the day before when Michelle’s water broke but we stayed home until just after midnight so she could get through some of the early labor in the comfort of her own home. We kept things publicly quiet until the next day when I sent a few texts and some posts on Facebook and, of course, no one really believed me at first and it was finally taking pictures of the inside of Labor and Delivery that convinced people that, no really, this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

The last three years have been an incredible journey, one full of changes, struggles, and growth for the three of us. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t appreciate the fact of how lucky we are with the kid we got and I have enjoyed and loved being there to see him grow up. While he has his moments, Connor’s generally a sweet, good-humored kid and it’s been awesome to watch, especially over this last year, his sense of humor and imagination spring forth.

Happy birthday, monkey. I love you.

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