The future is here. And it’s awesome.

Every morning on the way to school Connor and I have conversations about the things he sees. He’ll ask what the construction equipment is building or he’ll pick a vehicle out among those around us and ask where they’re going or who they are. Most of the time I’ll say I don’t know and the offer suggestions as to what they might be doing and then he’ll move on to something else. I think it’s his way of trying to build context for the world around him.

This morning on the way to school he picked out a large, black truck and asked who it was. Because I could see the driver I identified the truck as “him”. “Well, buddy, I don’t know where he’s going. Maybe he’s going to work or he’s going home.”

Connor thought for a while and asked, “Maybe he’s going to go pick up his husband?”

I stopped and considered that for just a second, thinking about the implications of him suggesting that, and said, “Yeah, buddy, he might be.”

“Ok,” Connor said and moved on to the next car.

When I was growing up I never would have asked a question like that. Depending on the period of my childhood I would’ve thought a question like that strange, disgusting, or silly (I have an excuse in that I was raised fundamentalist Christian). Today, my son asked a question showing more social acceptance and tolerance than some people years older than him have. He’ll probably think the wonder and pride I feel weird later on, but if Michelle and I can raise him to be more tolerant than how people were when we were his age, I’ll consider that a win. He’s the future, and he’s going to be awesome.

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