RIP and Thank You

Today Phyllis Patterson passed away and many of you will not know her name.

But you will know her work.

You see, Phyllis Patterson started renaissance fairs (or faires). Not just started A renaissance fair, but started THE renaissance fair, the first, so so long ago. So if you’ve ever gone and watched a joust, bought a turkey leg, or any of those other things at your local fair, she’s the one who got it all started. And it’s because of her that I know many of the great people in my life, people I met through fair, including my wife Michelle because if it hadn’t been for a friendship struck up while working the local, small fair circuit, I would never have been introduced to her.

I didn’t know her, I only met her a few years ago when she was well enough to come out to attend a Dickens Fair or two. But my good friend and “mom” Kathleen did and she put up a very lovely post about how Phyllis, in many ways, was the cause for Kage’s writing. Give it a look.

Be at ease, Phyllis, and thank you for not just letting us play in your sandbox, but building it in the first place.

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