Kid Movies, Adult Thoughts: Planes

This weekend Connor was watching Pixar’s Planes for the elevenbilliontieth time when a horrible thought came to me.

At the end of the movie, when Dusty finally beats Rip to the finish line, Rip flies through a row of outhouses, coating himself in, well, poo. Used oil in that world, but, still, it’s poo. We’ve seen the used oil/poo in other Pixar movies like Cars 2, when one of the bad guys falls into what is very clearly meant to be a septic truck’s tank during the car chase at the airport.

So, does that mean that earlier in Planes when Bulldog the English plane (voiced by John Cleese) suffers a mechanical failure and sprays oil in his face, blinding him, he actually managed to explosively poo in his own eyes?

Really, Pixar? Really?

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